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How to Build a Website

For Immediate Release-Wildcat SEO News-Butch Hamilton Author-November 11, 2017

Content is the Only Viable Determination of a Good Website!

Most view a website as being attractive. Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire! knows that this is nothing more than the human element of thinking something is good for promoting on Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other major search engines, while in reality, the search engine spiders are going right by the site and taking no notice to it at all.

Good Content-Good Coding-Good Information=Success!

The care and feeding of domain names is crucial on the web. Too often, hasty decision are made about style, content and in the move to get a site live, it is quite common to miss the entire point of the website in the first place. A website is a representation of what one wishes to share with others on the Internet. That website should speak volumes in terms of creativity, content, specific styles of writing for notice and presence on the web, and attention to the smallest details found within the back end coding of site. A website is never something that should be hurriedly placed live on the web, and expected to perform adequately in terms of gathering traffic, visitors, notoriety, presence and the final goal of making funds of some type.

A live site on Google should tell a story. That story should be in a readable format, be simple and easy to navigate and be totally in touch with the reader in mind. The website is not at all driven by the look of it. It is what is inside it, on the back end of it, that will make the all important statement on the web, about the worthwhile endeavor that is found within it. The content, the power behind the digital creation, should always be the main thought when producing any type of website that is going to speak about something that has long term value, substance and goals of producing revenue for the site owner down the road. In order for this website to fulfill any type of destiny, if that content is nothing more than trivial dribble, which by the way, a good deal of the sites listed on Google today are, then the chances of anyone actually reading the content found within the site, is negligible at best.

It is a quite common practice on the web in 2017, to be in a hurry for success. The way that people think about the New Age of digital creation is that everything must be done quickly, in order to receive just rewards for their being here, live on the planet. That is a pipe dream, to say the least. The Internet does not, in fact, move that quickly at all. It can take years to properly conceive a website, and then begin the journey towards the pinnacle of some type of notoriety and presence that the domain owner wishes to possess. Most often, after the so called, beautiful website is supposedly completed, within a few short weeks or months of not being successful, the owner will move quickly on to yet another failure on the web. It is a fact, most websites on the world wide web are ever seen by anyone, and the sites that are seen, are never read by human eyes. Most website visitors are search engine spider bots seeking to find some type of logical content that they can place upon a keyword.

Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!

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